I recently read this great blog by Shauna Vaughn, an online learning instructional designer. In her blog, Vaughn dreamed of a world where online learning took inspiration from Amazon’s mission statement and created a more customer-centric approach that kept learners coming back for more. Vaughn longed for the day when learning management systems incorporated some of Amazon’s tactics to make the online education shopping experience as easy, personalized, and responsive as shopping on Amazon.

I’m excited to say this is the approach we’ve taken when designing our InReach course catalog!

Vaughn dreamed of a day when a learning management system would track buyer’s preferences and recommend products they might enjoy, delivering a customized shopping experience. With our industry-unique “customers who bought this also bought” feature, InReach has brought that same level of attention to customer preferences as Amazon. Keeping with the Amazon approach, InReach enables learners to rate and recommend courses, providing valuable feedback to other learners and instructional designers alike. We like to think that these ratings help our clients design and create better courses, just as the ratings and reviews on Amazon help product designers create better products.

We continue to develop and optimize our learning platform with the Amazon user experience in mind. Because online behavior doesn’t change just because you’re shopping for learning material! You’re welcome to check out our next product tour to see how far online learning has come! Register here >>