More and more organizations are using webinars to educate their members, establish themselves as thought-leaders in their industry, promote the benefits of membership, or offer continuing education. If you are launching a webinar, here are some things to consider.

  • Are you going to charge for your webinars? If you are offering free content, you need to partner with a provider who recognizes that, and offers a pricing model that fits your budget.
  • Do you have a plan for making the webinar content available after the webinar? While many people might find your webinar content compelling, scheduling conflicts may prevent them from attending. By archiving the webinar content and making it available after the event, you can make it available to people who couldn’t attend the scheduled webinar, and enable people who did attend to re-watch it. We call this repurposing your content, and it is a powerful way to keep reaping benefits from your initial investment.
  • How many people are you expecting to register? Many webinar platforms charge by the registration or limit the number of registrants you can have. If your goal is to use the webinar series as a membership recruiting tool, this might be something to consider.
  • What type of webinar support do you expect? Will your provider work with you before the webinar to train your presenters and test all the equipment to ensure that there aren’t any technical glitches the day of the webinar? Also, how will your attendees get help if they need it? Will you be helping them, or is this a service your webinar platform provides?
  • What does your webinar promotion plan look like? You need to develop a strategy to let people know about your webinar series, and start promoting it far in advance. Does your webinar platform provider offer the ability for people to register far in advance of the webinar, and share their excitement over your upcoming series via social media?
  • Finally, does your technology provider offer robust webinar features? InReach offers two webinar platforms, a home-grown solution as well as a seamless integration with another platform. This provides a range of webinar capabilities that ensures every customer can access the features they need to make their webinar series a success.

So, whatever your goals for launching a webinar series, consider the points above as you begin the planning process. InReach customers, in case you missed yesterday’s training on this very topic, you’ll receive notification when the on-demand version is available. And, if you have more questions, know that we’re just a phone call away! Call 888.892.7676 to talk to a webinar expert.