What is your role with InReach?

I am responsible for client success, which means I assist our clients in successfully using the InReach product. As the VP of Client Success, this means not only guiding my team; it means personally connecting with clients and going beyond answering questions on how to best use the platform. A large part of what I do is strategizing with clients on all aspects of their education program, from planning out content additions to their educational catalog to providing guidance around marketing their courses. InReach offers a number of production and strategic services, and I assist clients in their decisions on how to leverage these services to generate the greatest success for them. There is no “one-size fits all” in this industry, so what benefits one client isn’t necessarily what I’d recommend for another. Finally, within the company I work to represent the clients’ interests and views.

What’s the new, fresh approach you are bringing to your role?

The Client Success department is made up of four teams:  client success management, production, live events, and the contact center.  Client Success Management is responsible for working with our clients, often on a daily basis, and ensuring their success. Production does everything from recording content for our clients to editing and converting content, Live Events supports our clients webcasts and webinars, and finally the Contact Center fields all queries from end-users. In my new role, I make sure that these teams work as one unified department. While they have always worked closely together, by creating one department I can help each team member see the role they play in our clients’ successes. The name of the department says it all, “Client Success.” With that as our combined focus, it becomes easier for each individual to see how their work they contributes to our clients’ successes.

What are the most critical problems faced by this industry and how do you think these problems should be handled?

I think one critical problem is low-quality, disinterested CE providers that place a greater emphasis on revenue rather than on providing meaningful education. Unfortunately, it is sometimes hard for the busy professionals we serve to distinguish those providers from the quality institutions that InReach serves. A slick website doesn’t necessarily reflect the quality of the educational content the site promotes.

Another critical problem this industry faces is that many professional schools are significantly changing the type and quality of education they are providing. For instance, some law schools are streamlining or reducing their curriculum and some critical substantive courses or training are no longer offered in law school.  This kind of change is creating educational gaps that continuing education will be called upon to fill. The trick is anticipating the problem, identifying the gap, creating the content to fill it and ensuring that content reaches those that need it.

What excites you most about the upcoming year at InReach?
The upcoming enhancements to the InReach Sharing Network™. InReach  Sharing Network™ makes it easy for our clients to expand their audience, augment their revenue streams, and make sure  their continuing education catalogs are stocked with a wide variety of quality content. Without giving any secrets away, I believe that the new features we’re adding this year will really benefit our clients.

As a die-hard OU fan, how hard is it to work for an Austin-based company filled with Longhorns?

It’s not hard because Sooners are the best, no competition!