Doctors Use Social For Continuous Medical Education, InformationWeek 
“We’ve actively managed to engage a large group of researchers and significant academics who are moving away from writing textbooks and journal articles to doing more in the online arena,”

[Mike] Cadogan said.
Inside a 29-Month Membership Growth Streak, Associations Now
So, what’s in the water at ACA? Some kind of recruitment and retention superjuice? Nope. Just some straightforward surveying and listening to members, says Denise Brown, senior director, membership relations.
On Flipping the Professional Development Experience, Exchanges
Associations and societies have begun to express interest in flipping regional, national, and even international professional development experiences. Just four months ago, leaders from the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) made the decision to flip part of its July 2013 Annual Meeting and avoid the common “sit and listen” conference experience.
5 Ways to Market Your Online Courses, WizIQ Blog
But the options for grass roots marketing in the olden days really required a lot of leg work. These days such opportunities are just a click away.
The Ups and Downs of One Great Benefit, Associations NOW
If one great member benefit lasts longer than your dues cycle, a lot of people will join to get it and then leave for a few years. How do you get your association off this roller-coaster ride?
New Technologies That Will Improve Your Professional Development, Wall Street Journal
If we can start to think about behavioral fitness in the workplace in the same way that we think about physical fitness in the gym, enabling motivated employees to practice new behaviors in a safe, supportive and technology-enabled environment—we will see increased productivity, higher levels of engagement, and perhaps even a stronger implicit contract between employee and employer.