You want to provide the best educational opportunities for your members. You could follow your gut – which may or may not be accurate – or you can go straight to the source for answers.
Tagoras recently conducted a brief survey on how associations are performing market assessments to better understand their members’ needs. For the association looking to do their own research, the results provide ideas for how other groups are attacking this project.


  • 73.9% of respondents use committee input frequently or always.
  • 77.3% of respondents find committee input to be at least somewhat reliable.
  • 47.8% of respondents use member/customer surveys frequently or always.
  • 68.2% of respondents find member/customer surveys to be at least somewhat reliable.
  • 85.7% of respondents found individual interviews to be at least somewhat reliable (the highest of all options) but only 26% use them frequently or always.


View all market assessment survey results here. How do you research what your members want?