Simply put – it’s just better. Ask any professional who meets their continuing education requirements online and they will tell you that the ability to get CE hours whenever and wherever is a huge plus.

In the years since continuing education (CE, CME, CPE, CLE, etc.) was brought online for professional associations and other organizations, we’ve heard a few great stories about CE happening in exotic locations, like islands in the Pacific, glaciers in Alaska, a National Forest or even sailing in the Caribbean. Being able to do this, is a testament to the portability of online continuing education and a statement about the need association members have for flexibility when it comes to ongoing learning.

Now a days the world is much more fast-paced. A very sound bite, Youtube sensationalized place. With that in mind, the idea of catching an hour of CE when you can just seems normal and our technology even allows it to happen! Tracking a participant’s progress without requiring them to stop at designated points, lose their place or worry about logging time manually are all possible. This same technology is also the reason more and more continuing education governing bodies are allowing professionals under their jurisdiction to count online credits along with in‐person credits.

For those vacationing in a place with reasonable Internet access, there is even the option of attending a webcast version of an event in real time. Dozens of people have told us they attended important events from their hotels while vacationing with family. For that matter, webinars and podcasts are also easy ways to get CE on the go and with the beauty of smart phones, all of that can take place without even needing a laptop!

So maybe you’re sunbathing or running along the beach, instead of listening to music, listen to a fun new course! There is something to be said about catching up on the latest legal precedent, medical protocol, or banking regulations while sitting by the pool. After all, the type of suit you’re wearing (business or bathing) doesn’t need to impact the quality of the education you receive. And further more… who knew CE and sun tans could go hand-in-hand?

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