The Internet, whether you love or hate it, it’s everywhere and used practically by everyone. Aspects of everyday life like asking for directions, purchasing household items, of course getting continuing education and hey, even finding romance, can all be done online. Such easy access at your fingertips; how wonderful!

When thinking about the fact that the Internet is so integral to our way of living, you do have to wonder what exactly users spend their time on. Probably Google-searching something, updating a status on Facebook, sending an email – all come to mind right off the bat. And in an article recently put out by Visual Capitalist, I wasn’t too far off with my platform-driven thoughts.

How do we use the Internet?

According to the infographic shown, in one minute on the Internet there are 2.4 million search queries on Google, 701,389 Facebook logins and 150 million emails sent. While staggering, these are just a few examples of the magnitude of online use. Key players like Amazon, LinkedIn, Spotify and YouTube are also dominating Internet usage at an alarming rate.

Why is this important?

You’re probably blown away like I was, but also wondering why this is important, especially in continuing education.  Well as you can see, these platforms can no longer be considered a hobby, distraction or even narrowed down to simply one channel. They are a huge part of everyday life, work included. By knowing consumer behavior and trends, you as an association can better understand your target demographic and improve your chances of reaching the demographic. As well, you can craft better marketing plans to promote courses and upcoming events that fit this shift in digital consumption.  You also cannot forget that millennials have become professionals and members of professional organizations.  With the familiarity of technology millennials  possess, it is imperative to accommodate by providing online educational opportunities.

Utilize it for your benefit!

So while platforms like Google, Facebook and Amazon dominating Internet usage may seem scary, don’t fret. Simply think about how you can utilize the Internet for your benefit. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how often you can turn an Internet minute into a continuing education one!

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