Thank you to everyone who answered the 2016 InReach Customer Survey. It’s certainly not an easy task to speak honestly, but you did and your positive feedback was incredible! From discussing your overall satisfaction to specific department recognition, we could not be happier with all you had to share!

Product Features

One area that received significant attention was product features, not only how they function but more importantly, how successful they have been in building your online CE programs. The wide array assisted in multiple ways by growing your catalog, selling more courses to members and even improved promotion. With that being said, you were all vocal in how helpful they have been thus far, specifically the following features:

  • The InReach Sharing Network™
  • Course Bundling

InReach Sharing Network™

According to one client, the sharing network “creates no extra work

[for us] but allows us to reach a larger audience with our education and increase revenue.” Additionally, the sharing network has helped clients provide specialized, niche courses and fill gaps in there catalog. You also could not stress enough how “easy and little effort” went into using the feature.

Course Bundling

Another popular feature in the survey was course bundling. By grouping courses together, a client was able to sell more and significantly increase same period sales! One client needed help promoting basic courses that did not stand out in the catalog, while someone different used a tiered bundle to sell an evening series tied to a publication. According to both, they gained several new clients and with the tiered bundling course “[It] continues to sell well on-demand.”

Wait there’s more…

While these two features stood out the most, (and we are very happy about that!) please do not forget about the loads of other features we provide like banner ads, content emails, and gift cards. They are all available to you, as is your client success manager, who can help ensure you use these products in the most effective ways possible!

If you would like to hear some personal accounts of how these features have helped other clients, check out this testimonial!