The Olympics are now over and the medals distributed. Winners and “losers” have packed their bags and gone home to cheering crowds or supportive friends and family. If you are like me, you admire the hard work that goes into competing. Qualifying for the Olympics doesn’t just happen. The opportunity to compete and win is achieved through discipline, dedication, and training.

The same can be said for speakers—being an effective speaker doesn’t just happen.

Sometimes a subject-matter expert is not always an effective speaker, because knowing and speaking are two different skill sets.  I’m sure you’ve all experienced a top-named individual in an industry try to impart knowledge, but stumbles tragically.  Yet, all is not lost. Training can actually help your speakers improve their presentations and be the springboard to them becoming great!

If you expect speakers to invest in your continuing education program, you need to invest in your speakers!  

Professionals are busy, so make improving their skills as convenient as possible!  Online courses, lunch and learns, class during an annual meeting, even helpful documents are all great ways to provide easy opportunities for your speakers to better themselves.

While getting past the first hurdle may seem like a feat, don’t worry! It only gets easier and more routine, especially after you experience the reward of having better speakers.  They’ll even thank you for it!


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Also, here is an example of one InReach affiliate’s speaker training opportunities, along with some webinars from the Association of Continuing Legal Education. Medical associations, we also have some tips just for you!